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Our Air Source heat pump systems are designed perfectly for your project.

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Which Heat Pump system is best for your project?

Air Source Heat Pumps

Our top performing air source heat pumps take energy from the air and convert this to energy into heat.

Our wide range of air source heat pumps are available from 5kW to 16kW. We can supply the pump only, or a complete pack along with storage cylinder which contains everything required for the heat pump to work as a heat source in your project.

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Why buy a heat pump from OMNIE?

Why buy a heat pump from OMNIE?

As part of our commitment to the Whole House System, our heat pumps are designed to work specifically with our partner products such as Underfloor Heating. When buying a heat pump from OMNIE, you can be absolutely confident that it will work as designed, tailored exactly to your project requirements. You can buy heat pumps from us without purchasing our other technologies and we will still offer the same heat pump design service.

Servicing & Support

We provide a comprehensive support service at all stages of the design and installation process. We aim to make specifying a heat pump from OMNIE as straightforward as possible and work directly with architects, installers and end-users to ensure a seamless and easy end to end process.

High Quality Brands

We only supply heat pumps from manufacturers that we can trust. As part of our design service, we will select the most appropriate heat pump for your project, dependent on factors such as the load requirements, budget and individual heat pump features. Regardless of the brand we recommend, we always guarantee the best in performance all year round.

Convenient Heat Pump Packs

Our heat pumps are combined with partner components such as hot water cylinders, header tanks and flow/return pipework in order to make specifying a heat pump system from OMNIE as easy as possible. We can also tailor packs to meet certain project requirements and have a large range of components and heat pump models to choose from. In every project we do, we always guarantee that our recommended heat pump will perform as designed.

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How do heat pumps work?

Find out about how heat pumps work in the domestic home environment.

Heat pumps extract energy from the ground or the air and convert this energy into heat. They can also work in reverse to provide cooling.

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Guide to buying a heat pump

Explore our heat pump customer journey, from specification to design and delivery.

Find out more about how to specify and buy a heat pump system from OMNIE, including information about installation, warranty details and what is needed before a quotation can be completed.

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