Where to buy OMNIE - OMNIE Underfloor Heating, Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Where to buy OMNIE

OMNIE products and systems are available from over 400 independent merchants throughout the UK as well as all major national builders and plumbers merchants.

To order your OMNIE system through a participating merchant, simply go to the trade counter with your project plans and ask for OMNIE Underfloor Heating. Some branches may be unfamiliar with underfloor heating, however they can still order our products. The branch will get in touch with us with your project plans and we will provide the a quotation. If they are unsure, ask them to email sales@omnie.co.uk (or call us 01392 36 36 05) and we can advise them of how to order.

Alternatively you can ask us to provide you with a quote, and advise us that you would like to purchase the goods through your chosen plumbers or builders merchant –  we will provide the merchant with our quotation and they will advise you of the price you will pay.

If you would like to order parts, or individual system components such as panels – please refer to our trade price list by clicking here. If you are in the trade, your local merchant will be able to provide you with your unique trade price for all the items in our range.

Most of our merchant partners are shown below and many have more than one branch;