Help with your OMNIE system - OMNIE Underfloor Heating, Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Help with your OMNIE system


If you are a homeowner experiencing problems with your OMNIE heating or ventilation system please contact the company or individual who has installed your system.   If you are living in a new build home, please contact the property developer.

  • We do not provide installation or plumbing services and cannot offer you immediate assistance directly.
  • For instruction manuals and guides please visit our Technical Resources section.
  • Please note that all engineering visits are chargeable and any issue should be examined by your installer in the first instance.

If you have a Heat Pump service plan please call us on 01392 36 36 05

Installers & Property Managers

Please call us on 01392 36 36 05 if you need engineering assistance either during or once installation of our products and systems has been completed, or for help with older systems.   Engineering visits are chargeable as are all parts that are out of warranty.


Raise a Support Ticket

We are currently experiencing a very high demand for engineering assistance, however our engineering team will get in touch with you as soon as they can.
  • Please select from the list below;
  • This is the project reference number shown on your quotation, invoice and installation pack. If you are a homeowner you can obtain this from your installer.