About us – OMNIE Underfloor Heating, Heat Pumps & Ventilation

OMNIE is a manufacturer of
high performance building materials
that help create the perfect
indoor environment.

The best in manufacturing

OMNIE manufacture our products here
in the UK. Our facility operates 24 hours
a day and we ship thousands of square
meters of product every week.

About OMNIE Underfloor Heating

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our unique range of underfloor heating systems are created to be the best performing on the market. To guarantee this, we work closely with architects, developers and installers to ensure we provide a system that's unique to their projects. From the very beginning, our clients receive a dedicated project manager, comprehensive UFH designs for installation and access to technical experts with years of experience. Furthermore, we independently test our range of emitter systems at BSRIA to guarantee fast warm-up times and high heat outputs.

We have also designed unique and innovative stock to cope with all UK construction needs, including; acoustic dampening floors for apartments, systems that can fit into elaborate project configurations and products that satisfy all types of floor construction.

OMNIE Underfloor Heating is the best performing underfloor heating on the market with the majority of products independently tested at BSRIA for fast warm up times and high heat output. Furthermore, we design and manufacture our products at our own facility in the UK.

OMNIE specialises in underfloor heating for timber floors, having designed unique and innovative products to satisfy all UK constructions including acoustic and complex floor constructions found in apartments. Our products are unrivalled in performance and a number of products are certified for use as structural floor decks, further reducing cost and installation time.

All our panel products benefit from a unique pipe channel pattern. This pattern significantly speeds up installation time and allows our underfloor heating panels to be laid as if they are a conventional floor deck.

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