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Product Details

The new SWCV is a flexible range of modulating ground source heat pumps providing high efficiency while changing the heat demand to only supply the required output. They include all the necessary hydraulic components for the heating and hot water system that would normally be installed alongside the heat pump. These include the heating and brine circulator (including ball valves), backup electric heater, integrated brine expansion vessel, brine circuit pressure gauge, air vent and safety valve. Our ground source heat pumps come with all the necessary ground array pipe work, and manifolds for horizontal and borehole installations.

Larger three phase non modulating SWC models are also available from 17 to 30kW.


For installers

Pre-assembled unit and fast installation

Compact delivery

High COPs – up to 5

Heat metering and energy-efficient circulation pumps integrated

Optionally available with cooling

Perfect for use with all types of heat sources

Modulating units


For end users

Low running costs

Low noise levels

Easy to use

Domestic hot water heating

Connect with Alpha web

Optional cooling on request

MCS approved (single phase)

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Last Updated: 28th March 2019

Heat Output (kW)
SWC 120s – 11.7
SWC 140s – 14.5

Sound dB(A)@1m


SWC 120s – 4.6
SWC 140s – 4.4

Dimensions (mm) – L xD x H
120s – 1320 x 505 930
140s – 1320 x 505 930

Weight (kg)

Energy rating

SWC 120 & 140 / 35 & 55 Degrees Celsius


SWCV 62HT1 – 1.2 – 5.9 kW*

SWCV 92H1 – 1.7-8.6 kW*

SWCV 112H1 – 2.5-13.5 kW*

All models are single phase MCS accredited