Tile your floor with confidence. – OMNIE Underfloor Heating, Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Tile your floor with confidence.

Our underfloor heating systems have been extensively tested with a specific range of tile adhesives to maintain the integrity and performance of a tiled floor finish.

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We have partnered with Tilemaster Adhesives to create a unique formula that allows a tiled floor finish to be successfully laid over the majority of our underfloor heating systems. Our extensive testing means that you can have absolute peace of mind whilst also reducing the need for additional floor build up or floor coverings such as cement board, further reducing costs and hastening the installation time of the system.

Our new Tilemaster Adhesive systems have been designed to work with our timber floor products, removing the uncertainty in a tiled finish in timber constructions. The formula will make sure that the floor finish is stable, doesn’t crack and can flex with the movement of the heating system.

Each of our products are now supplied with a comprehensive technical guide for tiled floor coverings, guaranteeing the performance of a tiled finish providing that the right Tilemaster Adhesives are used in the correct layers and quantities. Furthermore, the adhesives and screeds are available directly with your OMNIE system and we have provided an easy online tool to help in calculating the volumes of adhesive/screed needed for your specific system.

You can find out more about our partnership with Tilemaster Adhesives by contacting your local OMNIE expert or use our new Tilemaster Tool to calculate exactly what materials you need and place your order.