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No more 'tile and error'...

Our underfloor heating systems have been extensively tested with Tilemaster adhesives to ensure the best practice when laying a tiled or decorative/ vinyl floor finish. Use our tool to find the best products for you.

Start by selecting your OMNIE product and the tool will guide you through the rest of the process. If you are using more than one OMNIE system, please use the tool for the first system, send your requirements or save your results and then use the tool again for the next system.

Please click the link below to download all of the relevant technical information about how to use OMNIE systems with Tilemaster products.

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Which OMNIE product are you using?
ClipPlate 11
LowBoard 15
ClipPlate 0
ClipPlate Compact
Select your substrate (existing floor type)
Solid Floor
Timber floor deck
Do you need a thermal backer board?
Select finish
Enter total m² required
Wastage is typically between 5-10% but must be added manually as this is based on factors outside of our control such as site conditions. eg uneven floors, experience of using the products, mixes etc so the exact quantities of each material required is your responsibility.
Select the type of screed you will be using
Concrete & Sand/ Cement Screeds
Anhydrite/ Gypsum Based Screeds - Gypsum Based Products
Anhydrite/ Gypsum Based Screeds - Cement Based Products
Which type of Backerboard will you require?
6mm Backerboard
12.5mm Backerboard
Select your Tilemaster products
Ultimate Adhesive – for light grout
Ultimate Adhesive – for dark grout
Setaflex Adhesive Standard – for light grout
Setaflex Adhesive Standard – for dark grout
Primeplus SBR Primer
Prime and Grip
50x Thermal Backer Board Galvanised Washers
Thermal Construction Backer Board
Levelflex Self Levelling Compound
Anti - Fracture Mat
Large Mixing Bucket

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