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Underfloor heating myth busting

Deciding on the best heating system to install in your home never seems straightforward, especially with all the (dare we say it?) “fake news” around these days. Quite often it’s hard to determine fact from fiction, particularly when reading or hearing about water, or ‘wet’, underfloor heating systems. Here are 3 of the most common myths surrounding it:

Myth #1 – UFH is disruptive to install

Some people think underfloor heating can only be installed in new builds because of the effort it takes to fit it. In fact, UFH is a great option for all sorts of projects. There are a wide range of different systems available meaning that the products used will always work, whether that be an installation in a new house or retrofitting in an older building.

Myth #2 – UFH can’t be installed upstairs

Installing underfloor heating upstairs has never been easier due to the ever increasing range available which are designed for that purpose. The OMNIE TorFloor system for example, can be easily and quickly fitted to an upstairs timber floor. The benefits of having UFH upstairs include: being able to maintain an even heat throughout your home, no radiators clogging up space, and no warm up or cool down noise, especially when using OMNIE systems.

Myth #3 – UFH is expensive to run

Although underfloor heating can be quite expensive to install, it’s a worthwhile investment due to the low running costs and perceived added value on your homes selling price. Water UFH runs on much lower temperatures than traditional heating systems, meaning your heat source doesn’t have to work as hard, but the same heat output is achieved. UFH is also a great environmental choice as it runs very efficiently using renewable sources such as heat pumps or solar thermal systems.

Taking the time to understand what is myth and what is fact with regards to UFH will allow you to make the best choices when deciding how to keep your home warm and cosy this winter.

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