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Upstairs, downstairs – enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating throughout the home

With the winter months fast approaching, everyone is beginning to feel the chill in the air. At this time of year, it’s particularly important to start considering the ways in which you can keep your home nice and cosy once the cold weather really sets in. Installing an underfloor heating system throughout your house is an excellent way to banish the winter blues and if you do it now, you should be toasty by Christmas! 

One of the biggest myths regarding underfloor heating is that it can only be installed on the ground floor. Where that may have used to be the norm, nowadays there are a number of systems, especially for timber floors that can be easily installed in upper floors to take the hassle out of heating your home. 

There are several benefits to installing UFH upstairs as well as downstairs. Firstly, you’ll be able to achieve a more balanced and comfortable temperature throughout your house. Unlike radiators which heat a room by air alone, UFH warms rooms using radiant heat which is a similar feeling to the heat we experience from the sun. 

There’s also the matter of space. Without radiators clogging up precious wall space you’ll have much more room throughout your home which can only be a good thing! Installing UFH both upstairs and downstairs will also mean that the aesthetic of your home can remain the same on each floor.

UFH is also a cost effective and more environmentally friendly way of heating your home as it runs on much lower temperatures than radiators do. If you install UFH throughout the house then it’s also possible to use a renewable energy source such as a heat pump or a solar thermal system.

OMNIE has worked hard to develop systems with quick warm up times and high heating performance. Installing UFH upstairs has never been easier with their TorFLoor system for suspended floors which combines the floor deck and underfloor heating system. It can easily be installed with timber constructions and as no noise is made on warm up or cool down, there are no annoying creaking sounds that you may experience with other systems.

So whether your project is a new build or a renovation, installing underfloor heating on every floor is the perfect way to ensure you remain warm and snug this winter.

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