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TorFloor System

Hi All

I’m about to install a Torfloor UFH system in our bathroom. We are planning to have tiles installed over the UFH system, I have been advised to use 12mm ply over the UFH system to add strength.  We are also planning on installing a wetdeck system and have been advised to install a 10mm waterproof tile board over the whole floor.

My question is can I replace the 12mm ply with some sort of waterproof board that will acted like the ply and give the floor the strength required.







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  • Hi Fluff!

    In this scenario, not knowing the composition of the waterproof board, we would install the Torfloor with a 6mm ply as per OMNIE instructions then place the 10mm waterproof layer on top of the 6mm ply.

    Hope this helps.


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