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Exeter based Carbon Neutral New Build
heritage property refurbishment
TorFloor System
Exeter Based Passivhaus Completed
First Stage of OMNIE’s Whole House System Installed in Timber Frame House
Kitchen & Gym Extension Benefits From LowBoard UFH
OMNIE Heats Social Services
OMNIE Passes MCS Audit With Flying Colours
UFH in Exeter based Passivhaus
Exeter based Passivhaus 1st Fix MVHR Plant
ClipPlate Installation in Sutton Coldfield Home
Understanding Heat Pumps Workshop – Register Now
FoilBoard Installed in Barn Conversion
Very busy weekend at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show in Surrey…
Barn Conversion UFH install in South Cumbria
CASE STUDY: Passivhaus design maintains indoor environment using OMNIE MVHR
Edwardian Manor House Installed With TorFloor and Staples
TorFloor Installed In First Floor of Cottage
Refurbished Building Warmed By FoilBoard and LowBoard Systems
OMNIE Systems Help Self-Builder Achieve Low Energy Profile
Staples Installed in Saltford Property
TorFloor Installation
Omnie Network Controls Set Up….
Omnie Network Controls Installed In West Horsley, Gateway and App Up and Running…
Omnie Foilboard and Hot Wire Cutter
Foilboard Suspended in Saltford, Bristol
Part 1 of the Easter Barn installation
Job commissioned for Brian Bailey Plumbing & Heating
Jersey property benefits from OMNIE heat pump and underfloor heating
Prime Newquay developments include OMNIE UFH and MRVHR
Luxury architect-designed build to incorporate OMNIE systems
OMNIE supports new-build on historic Somerset site
OMNIE New Build with MVHR, UFH and ASHP
New Build Project, Exeter, Devon
Need manual
Canal Farm – Thornfalcon
New Build – Chudleigh, Devon
Sherwood, 1st Fix MVHR Passivhaus
Sherwood, 1st Fix Passivhaus
Sherwood, Passivhaus Certified Building
Are all underfloor heating systems the same?
Putting Our Houses in Order
Acoustic floor and underfloor heating
Low energy cooling looks better on the surface
Why Underfloor Heating
Bicton College – Case Study
It’s cool to be green